The King's Lifetime Mate

The King's Lifetime Mate


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Warning: This book will include strong language, lots of adult scenes, abuse, and traumatising emotions, please be warned. Reagan is the Supreme Alpha King with multiple personalities. His existence is not just a threat to his enemies alone but the whole universe. He is the perfect monster crafted by doom, and fate couldn’t be crueller by making the only woman he ever loved his ignition. She is his evil star, one that would bring forth his destiny, his push button, and she is his fated mate—the queen of darkness. A forbidden love that was never meant to be through millenniums, a love creation itself is against yet so strong. With the fate of the world at risk, an ultimate decision had to be made. An ardent love had to be forsaken, and two hearts became undeniable. Her selflessness may have been for the greater good, but he feels betrayed and hates her for it. Thus, he swore to make her suffer a life worst than death. 'Don’t expect me to treat you like I once did because you lost the right to that kind of sentiment when you deserted what we once had!' 'I will do with you however I please, and you will take it all without complaint!!' He spat. Will their love ever get the spark it needs for a fresh start? Will they pull through the ill fate that awaits them? Will they survive the new and old enemies that see them as threats and seek their downfall? Join them in their journey in which they strive to fight against the odds that stand in their way to rewriting their destiny. --- Both FL and ML are powerful, and the story is a fantasy romance in modern setting. **** This is book two of The Alpha King’s Supremacy, and you can read it independently. But I suggest you read book 1 to better understand how both ML and FL began their journey.
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A masked man was seen sitting behind a huge oak wood desk in an exquisite vast office equipped with dark furniture in which the only exception was the white wall that breathes life into the depressing setting.


The strong glass door with thick steel frames was sledged open and a sexy figure downed on a fitted above the knee-length black dress with ten-inch red pumps with a brunette wavy hair hanging on her butt stepped in elegantly, her hips swaying as she inched closer to the man her gaze was fixated on.

“Mr Easton!” She drawled seductively as the sound of her heels marked her every step. “I have personally come to collect you for the business dinner with my father this evening!” She said, placing her hands on the desk and arched her back so he could have a better view of her cleavage.

“But…” she paused and moved around the large oak wooden desk to further close the distance between them. “I wouldn’t mind if we decide to run wild on each other before then!” She muttered and pushed his laptop away with her hips, then sat on the desk with her legs spread wide in front of him.

But it would seem the man was not moved by her advancement since he remained indifferent as he leisurely rested his back on the desk chair. Seeing that, she leaned on her elbow to further highlight her dripping cunt behind her white moistened naughty thong pantie.

When that also did not move him, she steeled her resolve to get what she wanted by all means. With him, it was always worth the challenge. He was cold and brutal, which had her returning for more even though it always left her indisposed for days.

Then again, her prior encounter with him only got her his hand instead of his cock. For more than two years, she had longed to have him inside her again, and she tried everything to get her wish the last time, which was futile. He was different from what she knew him to be, further strengthening her tenacity to have him.

Thus, she came down from the desk and knelt between his legs. “I want you to ravage me as you did in the past. I want you to make me feel the way no other man has ever been able to,” she whispered, tucking on his belt, and when he did not stop her, she unclasped it with a contentious smile smothering her well-contoured face.

It was not like the man wished for her to continue. However, like every time these wanton women tempted him, he was conflicted with his vengeful side that wanted nothing more than to continuously hurt the only woman who had ever managed to invoke such hate in him due to her betrayal. She was their mate; hence, she would feel the worst agonising pain whenever he did anything with another woman. And verse versal.

“Get out!” Reagan managed to squeeze out when he felt her hands grope his thick length.

If she were anything mystical being, she would have reached the door already from his compelling aura. Unfortunately, she was human. Instead, she clasped his shaft and straight-up took him in her mouth.

Like a hurricane, she was being slammed onto the desk the next second, face down with her hands gripped fiercely behind her back and her butt lifted in the air.

“Ouch. That hurts!” She moaned, feeling her face and bosom pressed against the cold hard desk, and she could hear his ragged breathing behind her ear as he loomed over her from behind.

“Rip…” Her panties came off in shreds, and almost immediately, her eyes popped out of their sockets, whilst she gasped in pain as he entered her with force. She knew he was rough from the two times they had done it in the past, but right now, that word was an understatement.

Zegan was far from being gentle. Her hair, skin, and insides were brutally thrashed by him that by the time he was done, she looked as though the worst kind of storm had hit her as she lay motionless on the desk—barely breathing.

Like always, Zegan receded to the back after he had his fill.

Sliding himself out of her core, Reagan gazed down at the woman whose skin was bleeding from being gripped harshly, and his jaws clenched in irritation. ‘That devil always does things and leaves him to clean the mess,’ he grumbled in displeasure. ‘At least he had the decency to use protection.’

Although he never fucked any of the women who had thrown themselves at him. However, he could not say the same about his hands because his incensed side


made sure his hand did the job and that the only thing those women felt was pain, which gave him pleasure. He loved to hear their screams and enjoyed every second of it.

Reagan always knew Zegan’s desire to hurt their mate would exceed using his hand one day, knowing how much he loathed women with everything in him after experiencing abandonment twice. Consequently, every one of them who came at him was not spared.

Nonetheless, he sort of hoped things would not escalate to this point. Was he sad? NO! He was neither happy nor sad.

“Angelo!” Reagan called through the mind-link, and as though the certain someone was waiting to be summoned, the glass door immediately slid open to reveal a dashing young man in his early twenties. At least so it would seem since werewolves do not age like humans. Their ageing process is much slower, and they also live longer.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Angelo also acknowledged his king using the mind-link since they were in the human town, so they had to keep a low profile.

Reagan stepped away from the desk and headed for the door that leads to his private lounge without a word being that every one of his subordinates knew what to do without him having to say it aloud.

With the door closing behind Reagan, Angelo could breathe freely again. The room reeked of orgasm and blood, the aftermath of the fierce make-out session that just took place inside it.

Angelo was always unsure whether Reagan really did the deed with these women, knowing that it would hurt his mate should he do such a thing. But owning to what he had seen every time he had to do clean-ups, he could not help but think the king was beyond wicked. And the current situation had proved his assumption.

It was a good thing that the office walls were thick. Otherwise, he was sure the whole building would have gone into disarray from the screams he heard all through the countless minutes of the banging session due to the speck of being a werewolf, Angelo surmised as he strolled towards his purpose for being summoned.

Gazing down at the unconscious figure on the desk, he sighed helplessly. Things had gone from bad to ugly ever since the escape of their queen. The whole kingdom has tasted what it feels like to have a tyrant as their king. Anyone who disobeyed him even in the slightest way was not spared.

The worst periods were when Zegan was in control. He kills for pleasure, and even Adgan is no different. He hardly showed himself, but the few times he did, everyone had to watch their backs. His flaring temper had become even more alarming. Reagan could neither be considered better either. The three of them were like a ticking carnage that would go off with the slightest trigger.

“Miss Glover?” Angelo called, hoping to get some response so he would not have to be the one covering her up and unintentionally seeing her naked body longer than he should. That way, he could avoid the wrath of his extremely possessive mate.

Unfortunately, no response came from the woman. Thus, Angelo had no choice but to rearrange her himself. But there was one setback, her dress was torn. Without further ado, Angelo took off his tuxedo, wrapped her in it, and then carried her out of the office before Reagan returned and still found him there with the person he wanted gone.