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The Rebel

The Rebel



"Lower your eyes mate" He said with a hint of warning in his tone. She didn't flinch under his cold fingers coiled around her neck, instead with a smirk on her bruised lips,she looks back at him. Daring to defy him. "Submit!" He growled at her this time, frustrated with her ability to infuriate him to the extent of forcing him to hurt her. "Many have tried mate" "I am not others Vera. I am your mate. Your superior. Submit this instant!" She again smiled, managing to roll her eyes at him. "You can try . But remember,you will never succeed in it. He wanted her to submit.Badly. But little did he knew that his mate was not an ordinary Luna who happily submits to her mate's whims and needs. She was who they all popularly call as "The rebel" The mysterious protector of good and savior of women. The man who gives justice to the inequality created by men. If only they knew he was a women instead. .................................................... "The day I submit to a man will be the last day of my life mate. Vera Red was born as a rebel, will live as a rebel and will also die as a Rebel. With or without a cause"
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A girl lays in her mother's lap,staring at her mother's beautiful face that has been marked with a big bruise around her eyes.

Her small fingers tracing the dark skin as her mother flinched under her touch.

"Does it hurt...mumma?"

The mother moves her head in a no, tears streaming down her eyes saying something else.

Rocking her legs,by moving her laps,she urges the little girl of 7 to sleep peacefully.

But how could the little soul sleep when her innocent eyes had seen such atrocity.

"No Vera... it doesn't. It will go away in few days my beautiful daughter"

She says placing a kiss on her forehead.

Little Vera could see the sadness in her mother's eyes.

She was lying.

"Why don't you stop him momma? He is wrong...he is so wrong to do this to my momma!"


The lady places her finger on Vera's lips. Silencing her.

"Remember Vera...Nothing is wrong or right here in this world. What your father says is always right, never question him.Okay? You have to never question them."

The little girl clenches her small fists.

Sitting up from her mother's lap,she questions back desperately.

"But he is wrong momma! He hurts you! I hate hi-"

"Shhhh Vera please! Don't hate him...he is your father. He has responsibilities as the werewolf king. You can never question his decision!"

"But why momma! Why!!"

The girl pleads with tears running down her cheeks. Holding her small hands in her and kissing them,her mother answers her.

"We are woman Vera. And women are taught only one thing to live a peaceful and happy life.....






The little girl was an observer for sure,her beautiful brown eyes have lost their innocence seeing her father hurting her mother everyday but it couldn't cloud her rationality.

Respect ? Yes , outside world respected her mother as the great Luna of the werewolf world.

But behind the bedroom doors,her respect was stripped bear as he hurted her, marking her skin in marks that left scars to haunt and tear.

Her elder brother never interfered, saying this was how it was in their world.

But her delicate heart could no way believe this to be their creator's will.

Was her mother not the only one?

Were all women treated like this?

Determined to find the answers to these questions and what was right,she spent days in silence.

Not speaking a single word entire days, preoccupied by her thoughts and observations.

And she was surprised to see that sadly majority women did suffered the same fate as her mother.

They were harassed and tortured, some physically others mentally.

Her mother did so much for her father.

She gave him food,tool care of his needs, listened to his orders and what did she got in return?

Pains and sufferings.

Even though young,she could still tell her mother's smiles were fake.

She was no longer her loving mother, but a broken shell from the inside ,ready to break.

And she did break one day.

In her arms,taking her last breath as her father merely stared at her.

Inhumanity of this man and all men instead, made her question if this was what they called the purest bond of all

"The matebond?"

He didn't shed a tear,while Vera lost all of hers.

And along with the tears and cries of that 7 year old died the little love left for her father.

"Arrange for a funeral"

Were the only words that left his lips as he turned his back on the mother and daughter.

And that was when she had decided she won't listen to even one word of what her mother has said.

She will be a Rebel.