The Alpha's Elusive Secretary

The Alpha's Elusive Secretary


Werewolf | Updating

Semi has been the secretary of the Ashyx wolf pack’s alpha since his enthronement 3 years ago. She tells the alpha everything about her, except for one thing. The fact that she is a natural born omega puts her at the worst disadvantage, especially since the alpha of the Ashyx wolf pack do not offer mercy for omegas. The mere existence of omegas disgust their alpha, something Semi has been aware since the beginning. No matter how much she hides it, the truth will always be revealed! When the truth comes to the surface, she should be greeted with endless pain. But when the alpha falls head over heels with Semi, the story seems different!
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“The alpha is losing too much blood!”, I hear somebody shout in the midst of chaos. Everything’s starting to get blurry as I smell the alpha’s pheromones being released so intensely.

I grasp unto my chest and take out my hormone-inducing pill, something my mother gave since I started my job as the alpha’s secretary.

“-mir,” I hear a faint shout from the alpha as I swallow three pills. My hands were shaking and the chaos around only made it worse.

“Semir!”, he called out again and I frowned, I told him my name was Semi. I ran to him and the people around made way for me to get near the alpha.

“Alpha, what’s wrong?”, I panted as I sat beside him. He frowned at me, “Are you really asking me what’s-“, he couldn’t finish his words as I fathom he’d have tremendous pain from the knife now stuck on his side.

“Pull this out,” he told me and I shook my head. “Alpha, that’s going to make it worse, you can bleed to death!”, I reminded him and he just scoffed at me.

“I’m a werewolf for fuck’s sake Semir!”, I hesitated a bit before grabbing the knife. I rip out a piece of cloth from my pants and put it in his mouth.

“You insolen-!“, I shushed him before he could nag at me. “If you don’t bite unto something, you can end up biting your own tongue.”

He went silent for a moment and I purposely took out the knife when he was least expecting it. “Agh!”, he shouted as he squirmed in pain.

I placed my hands on his wound and put pressure on it, “Alpha, please,” I pleaded as I knew if he were ever to die I would too.

“The blood isn’t stopping! Call for help!”, I shouted as I felt helpless in that moment. The alpha frowned and with all the strength left in him shouted, “Don’t you dare!”

We were intimidated by the domineering shout coming from our alpha. “B-but, alpha, you’re gonna die at this rate!”, I protested and he just continued being stubborn.

“If we don’t get help, we’re gonna need to have an omega provide you with pheromones,” I suggested and he shook his head.

“Alpha, your situation is dire, please,” the alpha’s right-hand man, Ruer, pleaded. At that moment, I realize the dangers this could have.

The alpha is newly appointed and has yet to bear an heir. All the previous relatives of the alpha has been subjugated by the wolf pack we are currently waging war against.

The world has changed, humans are extinct and new species are emerging. We are born as wolves but at the age of 3 we start learning about shifting.

We need energy to shift, and the energy within us is called mana. Alphas are born with enormous amounts of mana and can basically shift whenever they want to while omegas, on the other hand, has minimal amount of mana.

However, there are also hierarchies to them and our alpha is one of the rarest dominant alpha you can ever find. There are also betas, they don’t produce pheromones, they are basically alike to a human but are born as werewolves and can shift.

What could be the saving glory for the alpha right now, is to take in pheromones from his fated omega for faster recovery. However, he can also take in a random omega’s pheromones.

The big problem here is that, the alpha hates omegas. The alpha’s subordinates are all betas and so are the members of the Ashyxpack. Omegas in the pack are executed or sold to other packs as slaves.

This caused a high tension between Ashyx and Denera, for Denera is a pack wherein they value omegas. Denera is most probably the pack that bought all the omegas from our pack, which right now, we are in war against.

Ashyx wasn’t originally like this, due to certain circumstances the new alpha has completely banned omegas.

“Semi! The alpha!”, Ruer shouted and I was taken aback. I looked at the alpha and he was slowly shifting back to a werewolf, probably to save his mana and heal the injury faster.

“This won’t do, Ruer, please get everyone out of the room,” I ordered as everyone just looked at me confused. “Semi, why?”, Ruer asked and I just looked at the alpha.

“Let’s-Let’s invite an omega over,” I said and everyone was shocked. “He’s gonna kill us!”, they all said. I just frowned and looked at them.

“I’m gonna search for it myself so just- just get out!”, I shouted and everyone flinched. Ruer lead them outside as I stay in the room. “Semi, you- you know what’s gonna happen right?”, he asked and I nodded.

“I-I’m not gonna tell the alpha about this and I’m gonna tell the other guys not to snitch,” he reassured me and I felt relief. I nodded and he exited the room.

I needed an omega’s pheromone, but we currently have a lack of existence of omegas in the pack.

“I-I need to do this,”


I woke up the next day by the alpha’s side to see him sleeping peacefully in his human form, I hadn’t he had shifted. I stood up to get Ruer but was stopped when I heard the alpha’s voice.

“You,” he called out to me and I turned around to him, “Why do you smell like an omega?”, he asked and my heart jumped out of my heart. I’m dead, I’m so dead.

“Who-?”, he suddenly stopped talking and went back to sleeping. I felt so nervous and the only thing I could wish for right at this moment was for him to not recognize me.

I tiptoed my way to the door and asked a pack member to get medical aid for the alpha, meanwhile I ran towards Ruer’s room. I knocked on his door rather loudly and when he didn’t reply, I called out his name.